John and I attended a concert at a local jazz venue in Santa Cruz, CA on Monday night. The band was Acoustic Alchemy…a couple of English men on acoustic guitar, a drummer, bass player and keyboardist. We had heard them once before in Big Bear Lake, CA at an outdoor venue and fell in love with their passion and musical genius. This venue put us up close and personal, only three rows back from the stage.

Sitting closest to the keyboard player, I witnessed his hands dance along the keyboard. Each finger found its perfect place on key and in tune with the rest of the band. His body bobbed up and down to the beat of the music. At times he appeared to be making love to the keyboard. His energy was so present and intense, as his fingers gently tapped each key. At others, he appeared to be attacking it with fierceness and passion. The drummer and bass player smiled frequently and acknowledged each other with a nod of the head. Both exuded joy and clearly loved what they were creating. The lead guitar players were brilliant musicians. The man sitting next to me suggested they were the best he had ever heard and he was a guitar player himself.

Tears streamed down my face as I was completely moved by the bands passion and how each member contributed their unique brilliance to make such beautiful, inspiring music. Each was part of the whole. The creative life force flowed through them individually and through them collectively. The audience was drawn into their energy, power and light. It was like a vortex of energy was created within the room that night.

Contemplating my experience, I wondered what it would be like if we each allowed that much love, light and passion to flow through us. What if we got out of our own way and unleashed the genius within us? What might that look like? How might that feel? Can you imagine the aliveness we would feel? Can you imagine what an inspiration we would be to others?

What is the genius within you wanting to express and create? What are your unique talents and gifts to offer the world? What would it take for you to get out of your own way?