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The Giving Challenge – Day 17

By September 17, 2010No Comments

The first day I started the challenge, I was in a state of grief and despair about the state of my business. Since the beginning of the year, it has spiraled downward and I have made very little income. Feeling helpless and like a failure, I cried while taking a shower.  Shortly after getting out of the shower, the phone rang. It was someone I had left a message for over a week ago regarding potential business and thought I would never hear from. I smiled feeling hopeful again.

Later that day, sitting in a coffee shop, journaling about my predicament, someone I knew walked in. We had a meaningful exchange and she had some helpful suggestions about how I might be able to grow my business. It felt like the Universe was reaching out to me. I consciously received the gifts and began to feel lighter and even more hopeful. Then, I met with a new friend who not only treated me to lunch but helped me to receive more clarity about why my business was slow and what I could do differently. My heart opened as we shared and my gratitude for life was restored.

As my conscious gift that day, I did the dishes for my husband and sent an encouraging e-mail to a friend going through difficult times.  I remember feeling guilty, like my gifts were too small. It seemed easier for me to receive than to give that first day.

Seventeen days later, I am bubbling with joy about my life. I have more energy with which to give and am enjoying the process. My gifts feel more heart-felt and meaningful and I want to give more and more. My grief has completely subsided and I no longer have any fear about the financial state of my business. Restored to an inner state of abundance, I’m excited about all of the amazing possibilities for my life!

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