Have you ever had a day when everything went “wrong”? Perhaps your computer crashed or you locked your keys in the car. You feel like things are “off” but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  You wrinkle your brow, shrug your shoulders and say, “That’s strange? I wonder what it could mean. Is the Universe trying to tell me something?”

Recently, I came down with the flu…fever, cough, sore throat. The fever subsided but this nasty cough and sore throat have persisted. I finally took the time to be still and ask, “Is there a message in this for me?” The obvious answer was…YES! Since the throat chakra has to do with creative expression and communication, I suspected the Universe was trying to tell me that I needed to focus more on my writing and to express more from my heart and soul. The words I hear now as I write this are, “Don’t hold back!” I have been playing it safe recently with my writing and not showing up for it as often as my heart and soul would like. This illness is a clear message and indicator for me to get out of my own way and to allow the universal creative life force energy to flow more freely through me!

We are all being invited to step up right now, to be in alignment with our soul’s calling and purpose…no holding back! This cosmic shake up that I, along with many others, am experiencing is about getting our attention. It will affect you the most where you are out of alignment in your life, whether with your health and diet, your work, your choice in a partner, etc. Where are you out of alignment and perhaps playing it safe? What is your soul calling you forth to do differently?

When we get the answer, we must then be bold and take action. This takes a lot of courage. I can hear my self doubting voice say things like, “What if my readers don’t like this type of information? What if they think I am completely out there? What if I lose a bunch of subscribers to my blog or newsletter?” The answer is…so what! If folks resonate with me, the REAL me, then they will want more, if they don’t, they will go elsewhere. We all carry a unique vibration and message. That is why it is crucial for each of us to be in alignment with our higher calling, our reason for BEING here!

Putting ourselves out there in a new way, showing up completely transparent, with our hearts on the line, we may get hurt. We may feel disappointed. And, we still need to do it…to continue to allow the life force to flow through us in what ever way we are called to, to be vessels for this light and energy. Marianne Williamson wrote in a Return to Love, “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Where are you holding back your power, light and energy? What wants to be created through you?

The Universe tried to get my attention a couple of weeks ago by lightening my load of client sessions. Instead of acting on the message…”Don’t hold back”, I acted on my fear (of not enough income) and filled up my schedule, creating very little room for my writing. Now that I’m sick, I have had to clear my schedule completely. This time I have decided to listen and act.

Your soul will keep knocking on the door until you listen! If we step up and act boldly, perhaps the knocking won’t have to be so loud.

(If you resonate with this blog post and are experiencing the Cosmic Shakeup, please share your story so others may benefit. It also helps me to feel like I’m not out here alone! Thanks! Many blessings on your journey!)