book_cover_smWhat Truly Matters?

That is the question Karen Mehringer had to ask herself after years of a scripted and hectic existence. Unfulfilled and craving adventure, Karen and her former husband embarked on a pivotal sailing odyssey that inspired them to change their lives in order to live out their true dreams. Restored to a life of purpose, peace and bliss, Karen shares her journey and spiritual wisdom with practical tools for anyone who’s ever asked, “Is this all there is to life?” For more information or to order your copy, please click here:


“Fascinating!…[T]he adventure of the sea interwoven with brilliant information about sailing into your own dreams and bringing them to life…our navigator for living our own lives with integrity, simplicity, and joy.” – Hal Zina Bennett, Author of Write from the Heart

“Immerse yourself in this delightful weave of stories and practical steps to emerge refreshed and on purpose. Don’t wait, up-anchor and embark on an unforgettable voyage.” – Diana L. Guerrero, Author ofBlessings of the Animals


“The writing is so intimate, so accessible, and so insightful yet in a digestible, non-overhwhelming way, just as though you were having an amazing conversation with a best friend, someone who knows just the right buttons to gently push.” – Sarah, Mill Valley, CA

“Thank you for writing Sail Into Your Dreams. Honestly, I was so involved in what I was reading that I didn’t want to put it down. Feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the timing and message of your book, I kissed the front cover several times as I cried and expressed thanks to you and God for this gift I received.” – Kathy, Running Springs, CA


Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women

Karen is one of the 49 authors who shares her story of triumph over tragedy in the first chapter titled, Transcending Grief; Awakening Joy.  For more information about this inspiring and empowering book, or to order your copy today, please click here: