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Trust the Moment!

By September 24, 2010September 28th, 2010No Comments

When we say YES to life and decide to follow our hearts and our dreams, we don’t need to know how we are going to get from point A to point B. We just need to say YES and keep saying YES in the moment, allowing each moment to unfold and show us the way.

Recently, I set the intention to speak to audiences from my heart without using an outline. This past week, I have been practicing with our Say YES to Life events in Denver. At the first event, I made a brief outline, but then quickly let it go as the evening went on. At the second event, I made another brief outline. This time, I let it go at the beginning of the talk since Boadachia (my co-facilitator) decided to start first. I was forced to improvise and create a transition from what she spoke about. At the third event, I did not plan anything, although I brought some music and props to use which had worked well at the other events. During this event, we were in the flow the entire time. I felt more connected and in a space of love with the people who attended. I also noticed I felt more anxious. I caught myself looking at the clock on several occasions, wondering how we would fill the remanding of the time.

For our all day event tomorrow (Saturday, September 25th), we have a few ideas of activities we will engage in, but the rest of the day will unfold spontaneously guided in the moment. My ego is having a field day with this new way of being and doing. I slept very little last night, anxious about what we will do and now as a result, I am getting a cold. Instead of engaging in my fear and creating a “plan”, I am simply sitting back and watching my ego do its things. I am not resisting it nor am I placating it by running around trying to control the situation. It has been fascinating to watch from an objective point of view.

What happens when we attempt to control the creative energy within us? I believe we constrict its expression, only giving it a narrow outlet. When we are able to get out of our own way, so to speak, trust the moment and ourselves, we open ourselves to the infinite possibilities of how our creative energy can be expressed. We open ourselves to the universal support that is available to us and to the magical flow of life itself!

Do you find yourself attempting to control various aspects of your life i.e. your work, relationships, finances, how you express yourself and your dreams? If so, give yourself an assignment to let go in one of these areas. What would happen if you allowed yourself to sit in the unknown and showed up fully present in the moment, listening only to your heart? I invite you to try it and share your experiences on this blog! Namaste!

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