Scared, I told myself, “You can do this! Just lean forward and keep going. Don’t stop or look down.” In less than stellar snow conditions, I skied down a steep, double-black diamond run. Once I made it to the bottom of the run, I felt elated. Pushing passed my fear, stretching myself, I felt empowered and liberated. Now I knew I could ski any run under any conditions if I put my mind to it.
When we stretch ourselves beyond what we thought we were capable of, we become more confident and empowered, our vital energy comes alive and we are an inspiration to others! But, rarely do we push ourselves to stretch and grow. We become comfortable in our routines, settling for the status quo, doing things the way they’ve always been done. Fear keeps us stuck in our comfort zones.
In what areas of your life are you stuck in your comfort zone? In what ways might you be holding back because of fear? For example, do you feel bored and unfulfilled with your work, but are afraid to try something new? Are you playing it safe in your relationships because you fear being abandoned or rejected? What would it take for you to push past your fear, so you can expand more completely into the fullness and greatness of who you are, so you can engage more fully in your life?
As you choose to stretch and grow beyond what you thought you were capable of, notice how you feel. Do you feel more alive inside?