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“As a participant in Karen’s 2-hour workshop Grieving: A Catalyst for Spiritual Awakening just yesterday, I awoke this morning to a heightened awareness of a profound shift within myself. I cannot articulate it easily because it’s a felt-sense, but I am distinctly different! I feel more happy, more aligned, more hopeful, more joyous, more whole, and more connected to All That Is.
I am deeply grateful for Karen’s compassionate and centered approach to the art of grieving. If you are in the midst of grief and need the support of a trustworthy, honorable and experienced guide, Karen possesses all the insights and tools you will ever need because she’s transformed her own grief into a meaningful, joyous life. She graciously and generously shows you how to move from where you are to once again living in vibrance.  Working with Karen is a not-to-be-missed experience.”

– Charlon Bobo