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Embracing the Mud

By March 19, 2010April 23rd, 20102 Comments

Yesterday, walking my dog, I noticed signs of spring in the air…the sound of birds singing, water dripping from rooftops, a beautiful purple flower peaking through the snow melt, and then there was the mud! Lots and lots of mud! Living on a dirt road has many advantages like no road noise, privacy, and being surrounded by gorgeous pine trees and wild life. But, the down side is the mucky brown mud that surfaces as the temperatures rise and the snow melts.

Walking, I found myself tip toeing in the muddiest spots, going out of my way to avoid them when possible. Inside, my experience was of disgust and resistance. Therefore, I was unable to enjoy myself. I thought about the many ways in which we resist life i.e. hardships, changes, aging. For example, when we’re sick, we resist feeling bad and want to feel better fast. Instead of recognizing the gift of being sick, like taking time out to slow down, we fight it and consequently feel worse. But, when we accept and embrace what life presents to us in any given moment, no matter how uncomfortable we may feel, we open ourselves up to opportunities for growth.

What is the mud in your life? What are you resisting? I wonder what would happen if you were to embrace your circumstances instead? I bet if I allowed myself to embrace the mud on my walks and perhaps even jumped in it instead of avoiding it, I might really enjoy myself! I’ll let you know!


  • Casey and Chakwah says:

    We are 4 and 5 year old boys and friends with Karen. We love puddles and mud! We have “mud” shoes just for this kind of stuff. Our mom is typing this and she says, “Isn’t it funny how one person’s mud can be another person’s bliss”.
    Love ~ Casey & Chakwah

  • admin says:

    Hi Casey and Chakwah – Yes! It’s all a matter of perception! Thanks for your response! Enjoy the mud!

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