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Embrace Grief as an Ally

By August 14, 2012No Comments

There are many prophecies about this year, 2012, as it relates to the end of the Mayan calendar. Some believe this is a time of great spiritual awakening and the expansion of human consciousness. Others believe we are coming to the end of the world. My experience so far is that of intensity. All that has gone unresolved in my life has surfaced to be healed and transformed during these past six months. In the process, I have opened more fully to embody more of my light. More of me has awakened to the truth of who I am as an infinite spiritual being of love and light.

During this time of intensity, many feel an urgency to find and live their purpose. They want to feel that their losses have meaning. Some are choosing to transition and leave the planet. My 97-year-old Grammie died two weeks ago. I just learned of another friend’s death yesterday.

Death and destruction are crucial for the birth and renewal cycle, for deep and lasting transformation to happen. Therefore, it is imperative that we embrace the grieving process as our ally, as a path to greater awakening.

If you have experienced loss and feel stuck in grief, unsettled and overwhelmed, you are not alone. I would like to invite you to join myself and Charlon Bobo for a powerful teleclass, Grieving: a Catalyst for Spiritual Awakening. During this class you will be given tools to help you cope with grief, deepen your spiritual practice, and move forward with more passion and purpose. Click here for more information…

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