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Celebrating the Cycle of Life and Death

By August 3, 2012No Comments

The cycle of life, death and rebirth is so rich and beautiful. When someone or something dies, someone or something new is born. Life is forever expanding and expressing itself. If we remain open and awake, we are able to celebrate it in all of its forms.

Recently, I received news that my 97-year-old Grammie was on hospice and dying after a fall from her wheelchair. Even though she was old and I knew her time on earth was coming to an end, I was still heart broken. I wanted one last chance to see her.

While driving to her assisted living home, I went over and over in my mind the things I wanted to express to her…how her life had made a huge impact on so many, what an amazing person she was, how much I loved her. I felt sick to my stomach and had a lump in my throat as I didn’t know what to expect. Would she be awake and conscious? Would I be able to communicate with her? Would she be in pain?

I knocked softly on her door before entering. She was unresponsive, sleeping heavily and looked similar to my father the day he passed away. I knew in my heart her time was close. I wondered if it would be that same day

Even though she was unconscious, I asked the hospice nurse to leave the room so I could speak openly to her. The words caught in my through as I cried and then began, “You are safe, surrounded by so much love here and on the other side. When you are ready, go into the light. There is a celebration waiting for you. You will be able to fly and be free!” Lastly, I told her how much I loved her and would miss her. I kissed her on the forehead and said good bye. Twelve hours later, she was gone.

The same day, I attended a celebration for the newest member of our family, Nicholas. His adoption by my step-sister and her husband was finally complete after nine months. We were all so happy and relieved.

Driving home from the days events I contemplated the mystery of life and how beautiful it’s cycles. To have experienced death and the celebration of new life on the same day was amazing and intense.

Drained, that evening, I decided to rent a movie, a comedy called A Little Bit of Heaven with Kate Hudson. I wanted to relax and escape. Little did I know the theme of the movie…Kate’s character, Marley, is diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and is given a chance to heal her relationships and experience true love before she passes away surrounded by family and friends. Simultaneously, in one of the last scenes, her best friend is delivering a baby.

The synchronicity given the events of my day and the movie was uncanny. The cycle of life couldn’t have been more pronounced!

The day after Grammie passed away, I meditated and felt uplifted. The feeling I had was of celebration, joy and freedom. I sensed that all was well with her Soul. Her transition was complete. Along with sadness, I felt deep joy and gratitude for her life and for who she was.

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