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Trusting the Unknown; Allowing the Flow

By Karen Mehringer Preparing for my first church talk, I revised my outline over and over again. It occurred to me that my anxiety about the upcoming event had caused me to attempt to control the outcome by over-preparing. I felt resistance to being in the flow and trusting my higher guidance. As a result, my body was tense, I experienced little joy and the talk wasn’t as powerful as it could have been. It was still “good” as I received positive feedback, but not “incredible” like my last experience at the Women of Wisdom Conference when I was able to get out of my own way and allow for the flow. So, what was the difference? I believe it was my fear of the unknown. Presenting to a church congregation was a completely new experience and I was unsure of myself and what was expected of me. Would my…
February 13, 2008
Personal growthTransformation

Personal Empowerment:

A Path to Joyful Creation By Karen Mehringer Recently, I joined a group of women to journal, meditate and share about our intentions for the New Year. It was suggested that we come up with one or two words to describe our deepest intention underlying all of our desired outcomes. The words that I chose were…“Joyful Creation.” More than anything, I desire to create from a deep place of joy. Inevitably areas of my life where I have not been creating from joy have quickly been revealed to me. One such area is in my personal relationships when I put others needs before my own, or when I go along with what they want/need and don’t stand up for myself because I fear hurting or disappointing them. As a result, I give my personal power away. My vital life force energy becomes drained, like a battery slowly dying and I…
January 1, 2008

Peace in the Fire

By Karen Mehringer “Creativity – like human life itself – begins in darkness.” – Julie Cameron Parker, Colorado on October 24th, 2007. Fires raging in southern California. Family and friends in the path of danger. Tension in my body. A dark, unsettled feeling. Unable to experience peace. Remembering the trauma of having to evacuate due to the Old Fire in 2003, while living in Big Bear City, California, I feel the energy of anxiety and fear even though I’m several states away from the blazing embers of fire and lung burning smoke. Surrounded by crystal clear blue skies and several inches of snow from the storm last Sunday, I notice the dichotomy to the stifling heat, dryness and smoke of the fire stricken areas. As I walk my dog in the snow, I find myself contemplating how I might lift myself out of this uncomfortable state of being. I want…
November 1, 2007
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