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Being the Light

By August 13, 2009August 13th, 2016No Comments

By Karen Mehringer


What is my purpose? Why am I here? We have all asked ourselves these questions at one time or another. When searching for answers, we often focus on what our unique purpose is – our humanly purpose…why we are here at this time, in these particular bodies, with our special combination of talents, passions, dreams and gifts.

A Course in Miracles suggests that our only purpose and function is to be the light of the world. In lesson 61 of the workbook for students, it states, “I am the light of the world. This is my only function. This is why I am here.” After reading this statement and meditating on it, I found myself feeling lighter and freer. All of my worldly illusions of purpose – to do lists, etc., vanished as I owned the truth of my being and existence – to simply be the light. As I accepted this truth, I could feel my body relax and my heart open and expand.

But, at first, my ego mind had a difficult time accepting the simplicity of this idea. It resisted with thoughts like, “It can’t be that easy. There is too much to do to make this world a better place. Isn’t my work important? What about my dreams and all that I want to accomplish?” The answer I heard was, “It doesn’t matter how you express it. You are being it – the light of the world – in every moment. Your job is to wake up and remember this truth about who you REALLY are. There is nothing more important!”

What stories have you created about your purpose and what you are here to do? What if you were to let go of these stories and merely focus on being the light? Imagine how simple your life would become. As we re-focus our attention, our unique purpose (i.e. being a writer, artist, business, owner, mother, father, etc.) simply becomes a channel of expression for our greater purpose – Being the Light.

I invite you to take about 5-10 minutes and meditate on the above statements from A Course in Miracles. As you meditate, visualize a small radiant diamond the size of a pea in the core of your being, just above your belly button. As you breathe in and exhale, imagine this light growing. Now it is the size of a small baseball. Continue to breathe and imagine it growing to the size of a volley ball. Next, imagine this light spreading to every cell of your body and beyond to your energy body about three feet from your skin. Allow yourself to experience the expansiveness of who you REALLY are.

Notice without judgment what comes up for you…any thoughts or feelings you may have during the meditation. Do you feel the truth of who you are? Do you feel the joy of simply Being the Light? Or, do you feel resistance and fear? Does your ego mind try to hold onto all that it believes is of great importance in the world?

If you feel resistance or fear, create an affirmation card with the above statements. Say the affirmation out loud or in your mind while practicing the meditation until you feel the joy and bliss of Being the Light. Include this exercise in your daily practice and notice if you begin to feel lighter and freer.

As we consciously expand the light within us, we will see it reflected in the outer world.


“From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things, and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all.” 

 ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  ~Edith Wharton

“Someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we’ll need no other light.”  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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