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Allowing Prosperity

By May 26, 2010No Comments

The news is grim…the Gulf Coast oil spill, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, financial loss, etc. No wonder many of us walk around with heavy hearts, feeling sad, and scared about the future. A pervasive fear consciousness permeates our society. But, this isn’t the truth of who we are. We were created from God’s source of never-ending love. It is our birthright to be prosperous, to experience abundance…a feeling of fullness, fulfillment, love and joy. At all times, we are able to tap into this infinite Source. The question is…do we allow ourselves to tap in and receive? Or, do we block the flow of our own prosperity?

There are many ways we block the flow of receiving prosperity. As women, especially, we were taught to put others needs before our own and that giving love is more important than receiving it. This pattern diminishes our vital life force energy and can lead to illness. In Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, she equates breast problems with “A refusal to nourish the self. Putting everyone else first…” Problems occur when we give without allowing ourselves to receive. We need to be willing to receive in order to give from a place of fullness and overflow.

But, it may be scary for us to receive. Perhaps we feel unworthy of love. Or, perhaps our childhood experiences taught us that love is limited, so we were conditioned to believe in scarcity. As a result, we seek outside of ourselves for prosperity, attempting to fill an empty void, but never find it. And, what we do find is never enough. The act of seeking itself stems from lack. Allowing on the other hand implies that we are already full and open to receiving even more prosperity.

One way to allow prosperity is to consciously set our intentions to receive. For example, I attended a spiritual service last Sunday. In front of hundreds of people, Sandra stood on stage, microphone in hand, with a huge warm smile on her face. Love and joy exuded from her as she belted out beautiful lyrics. Sitting near the front row, I said to myself, “Receive her love. Allow it in.” Overcome with joy, gratitude welled within me as tears streamed down my face. I allowed myself to fully receive her love. As I stood with the rest of the audience to reciprocate with a standing ovation, even more love flowed in and through me.

When we allow ourselves to receive, our experience is of joy and prosperity. Gratitude for the perfection of our lives fills our hearts and we have even more love to give. Our lives become full and rich. Our joy then spreads creating a ripple effect around the world.

“And even one life that bears witness to the truth of the prosperity law will quicken the consciousness of the whole community.” – Eric Butterworth

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