Karen Mehringer, MA, the founder of Creative Transformations, is an author, speaker, grief counselor and life transformation facilitator. With over twenty years of experience in the personal development field including a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, Karen assists her clients to heal their grief and restore their vital energy and passion for life.

From personal experience, Karen knows what it is like to experience life’s disappointments. At the age of thirty-two, her fifteen-year-old brother, Kyle, passed away from Cystic Fibrosis, and only three years later, her father died unexpectedly from cancer. Heart broken, she decided to pursue her dream of having a baby, which she never realized. Then, life took another unexpected turn, and she experienced the dissolution of her eighteen-year marriage.

Today, Karen is experiencing an exuberance for life that she never knew was possible. Having transformed her losses, she now has more energy and vitality than she did fifteen years ago. She knows what is possible on the other side of grief and can help you navigate your grieving process.

Karen offers private grief healing sessions in-person in Santa Cruz, California and over the phone and Zoom.

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