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Embracing the Mud: Part II

I decided to embrace the mud on my walk today. After several feet of recent snow fall and then 60 degree weather the last couple of days, there was a lot to embrace! Instead of avoiding it, I stepped right through the muddiest, muckiest, squishiest places. I even jumped in a few puddles, allowing my inner child to come out and play! My experience was of total joy. I was able to be more in the moment without resisting what IS.

By |March 30th, 2010|Acceptance|

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Embracing the Mud

Yesterday, walking my dog, I noticed signs of spring in the air…the sound of birds singing, water dripping from rooftops, a beautiful purple flower peaking through the snow melt, and then there was the mud! Lots and lots of mud! Living on a dirt road has many advantages like no road noise, privacy, and being surrounded by gorgeous pine trees and wild life. But, the down side is the mucky brown mud that surfaces as the temperatures rise and the snow melts.

Walking, I found myself tip toeing in the muddiest spots, going out of my way to avoid them when possible. Inside, my experience was of disgust and resistance. Therefore, I was unable to enjoy myself. I thought about the many ways in which we resist life i.e. hardships, changes, aging. For example, when we’re sick, we resist feeling bad and want to feel better fast. Instead of recognizing the gift of being sick, like taking time out to slow down, we fight it and consequently feel worse. But, when we accept and embrace what life presents to us in any given moment, no matter how uncomfortable we may feel, we open ourselves up to opportunities for growth.

What is […]

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Abundance is Found in Simplicity

By Karen Mehringer
“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”
– Paulo Coelho
Camping this summer, John and I were reminded how freeing it is to live simply. We had only the bare necessities with us…food, water, our camping gear and clothes. Living in a simple environment, we were able to appreciate the small things and be more fully present in the moment. Consequently, we felt more joyful and at peace. For example, here is a brief journal entry I wrote after waking up to a gorgeous day in Ouray, Colorado:

“It’s only 9am and the clouds are already moving in slowly like a wild cat stalking its prey. The birds’ music has never sounded so magical. A feeling like Heaven has descended upon me. Oh…how nature feeds my soul! I’m in love, like a young school-girl with a crush.”

True abundance was my experience in that moment.

After returning home, we began to explore ways we could simplify our lives. For example, we have decided to sell our home and downsize to a smaller house. Not only will we be getting rid of a lot of stuff that we don’t use or need like furniture, wall decorations and knick knacks, […]

By |October 13th, 2009|Acceptance, Living Fully|

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Gratitude: A Doorway to Abundance

By Karen Mehringer

Daily, we are bombarded by negativity. Fear based news and events are consistently broadcast through our media. Advertisements suggest that we don’t have enough and that we aren’t good enough just the way we are. A pervasive lack consciousness permeates our culture – not enough time, not enough money, not enough energy, not old enough or young enough, not thin enough. The list goes on and on. As a result, we often feel empty, dissatisfied, hopeless and depressed. We need a positive shift in consciousness and how we perceive ourselves, our world, and our circumstances. Participating in a daily gratitude practice will help create this shift.
When we align with the feeling of gratitude, we are uplifted. Our spirits sing joyfully as our hearts open to the beauty and goodness in life. Our perspective shifts from that of lack, to that of abundance. We are able to see the sweetness even in the darkest moments because we have faith in the process of life to renew its self. We begin to see there is a higher purpose that is even more magnificent than we can imagine. The possibilities for our lives are infinite! As we perceive the blessings […]

By |March 10th, 2008|Acceptance, Living Fully|

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